Chinese Coral Carvings


A gem-quality coral hairpin carved with an openwork entwining dragon with finely carved facial features and incised scales; coral; 18th century Qing dynasty; China. 3.88 inches (9.9 cm) long.


A gem-quality coral vessel; exquisitely carved all around with openwork and high-relief design of flowering peony, rose and chrysanthemun shrubs, inhabited by exotic crested pheasants and quails; the lid bears the openwork theme of a scaling bat on berry branch; coral; circa 1800; Qing dynasty; China. Provenance: property of a Texas collector. 7 inches (17.8 cm) high.



Vase-form vessel on rocks with openwork carving of blossoming rose and peach bloom trees with perching birds; minor repair; Coral; circa 1800; Qing dynasty; China. 4.71 inches (12 cm) high.

A coral carving of a Goddess skillfully carved following the contour of the gem-quality coral branch; carved fitted hardwood stand in openwork theme of aquatic plants amongst waves; coral; circa 1800; Qing dynasty; China. 8 inches (20.3 cm) high.


 A good carving of immortals in a raft fashioned from a fruiting peach tree section above waves; original hardwood wave-form stand with fitted box; Coral; 19th century; China. 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) long.


Last updated 06/09/2003  Zhou Yi