Chinese Lacquer



A four-panelled set of plaques; superbly-inlaid with iridescent shell designs of mountainous fairy lands reminiscent of the utopian 'Penglai' island; Lac-burgaute; Kang Hsi period; China. 32 inches (81.3 cm) wide; 10.14 inches (25.8 cm) long.



A lacquer box with mother-of-pearl inlaid designs of birds, peonies and a tree; Lacquer; Kang Hsi period (1662-1722); China.



Qianlong Nianzhi Imperial mark


An octagonal floral-form cinnabar dish bearing a deeply-carved scene of a gathering of immortals, including Shoulao, Liuhai, and the Eight Immortals, among landscapes and pavillions; copper base bearing the Qianlong Nianzhi imperial mark; Qianlong period (1796-1821); 13.3 inches (33.7 cm) in diameter.


A carved cinnabar laquered box incorporating the shape of a sprig of Buddha hand citron and leaves all on carved black ground with diaper pattern; Qing dynasty (1644-1911); China. 4.75 inches (12.1 cm) long.



 Tray; Taoist sage gathering with a border of bats, clouds and flowers; Cinnabar; 19th century; China.


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