Chinese Scholar Objects




Scholar Object . China


A rare scholar scroll weight, in the form of a Dragon Tortoise resting on a circular plinth; well-carved dragon head, tail and feet with perforation within the mouth, for cord suspension; carapace left plain and curled upward around the edge; Nephrite; Song dynasty (960-1279); China. 2.44 inches (6.2 cm) long.

A fine scholar brush holder with carved and finely etched flower design with detailed leaves and branch and good patina; Bamboo; 19th century, Qing Dynasty; China. 5.6 inches (14.2 cm) high.

A jade and cloisonne ruyi scepter; 18th century Qing dynasty; China. 15 inches (38.1 cm) long.


A nephrite scholar's brushwasher elegantly carved in the shape of a the immortality herb lingzhi; hardwood base; nephrite; 18th century Qing dynasty; China. 5 inches (12.7 cm) long.


Lingzhi-form scholar desk ornament; Rootwood; circa 1800; China.



A bamboo scholar's wristrest with superbly-etched scene of two scholars rowing in sampans through an idyllic landscape of water, trees, pagodas, pavillions, and flocks of flying birds; 19th century; 10.1 inches (25.6 cm) long.


Shape of an authority symbol with longevity theme designs; hongmu box; Duan; 19th century; China.



A scholar's stone from Suzhou / Anhui Province; fitted on a wood stand; Lingbi (resonant) stone; China. 13 inches (33 cm) high; 22 inches (55.9 cm) long.



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