Chinese Textiles



A set of four snuff bottle purses: gold purse has gold- and silver-wrapped silk wine decorated design of auspicious symbols including a vase containing flower arrangement; similar design on reverse; attached silk string and tassels; blue purse has brocade design of bamboo on lattice ground; black and red purse has brocade design of floral pattern on 'shou' character ground; black purse has 'forbidden stitch' pattern of seal stamps with various characters and attached silk string and tassels; sold as set; Silk; 19th century Qing dynasty; China.


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A couched and embroidered silk panel of various auspicious emblems comprise three ornamented baskets, filled with sprigs of peony (Spring), magnolia (Spring), Chrysanthemum (Autumn), plum blossoms (Winter), pomegranate (posterity), Buddha's hand citron (wealth), peach (longevity) and lingzhi herb (immortality); all surrounded by hovering butterflies with bat-like heads and phoenix tails and also by various other auspicious branches of begonia, cherry blossoms, etc.; multi-colored silk embroidery and couching against gold background; 19th century Qing dynasty; China. 14.5 inches (36.8 cm) wide; 73.5 inches (186.7 cm) long.

Provenance: ex-collection of Rand Salwasser, San Francisco.


A pair of blue ground brocade banners in five streamers with yellow and gold dragons chasing flaming pearls among clouds; mounted on gilt and red-lacquered wood carved with similar design; Silk; 19th century Qing dynasty; China.


A pair of peach ground embroidered panels depicting the eight Taoist immortals mounted on auspicious mythical steeds; Silk; 19th century; China. 96 inches (243.8 cm) high; 23 inches (58.4 cm) wide.


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