Japanese Lacquer



A headrest, lacquered basket-weave pattern; lacquered parrils feature cherry blossoms and the Baku, or 'dream eater', to ward off nightmares during sleep; Edo; Japan. 8.2 inches (20.8 cm) long.


A mother-of-pearl-inlaid black lacquer footed dish made in Ryukyu islands; design of auspicious emblems with ribbons surrounding camelia pattern; minor rim restoration; late Edo period; Japan.


A metal presentation tray; black lacquer ground with aogai (abalone shell)-inlaid design of peacock and hen; the former perching on blossoming peach tree while the latter treads through peony shrubs with birds in the background; kiku (chrysanthemum) border; 19th century; Japan. 30 inches (76.2 cm) long.


Last updated 06/09/2003  Zhou Yi